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Celebrating Clean Air Day 2018

It’s Clean Air Day today. To help raise awareness about the air pollution and the harm it does to us all, a number of our staff walked and cycled to work today.

We have counted 12 among us who walked to work today, covering distances ranging from 0.5 mile to 5 miles (!) and 4 of our staff who cycled, covering between 3 and 9 miles.

Last but not least, LRW Managing Director Christian Gilham chose to walk to his meetings whilst in London today, covering approx. 6 miles in total.

Today’s lunchbreak was also an opportunity for our staff to participate in the Clean Air National Awareness Day. A few of our staff took a walk in today’s beautiful sunshine, whilst six of our staff ran 3 miles around the city centre. And thus the LRW Running Club is born!

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